July 2022

Greetings from the Christian Service Unit family!

"Bhadrachalam" is a small town, a center for many tribal villages and government headquarter,120 km away from Khammam, River Godavari passes through this town. We also distribute 50 HIV+ nutritious food packets for HIV affected, monthly.

Recent floods isolated Bhadrachalam town and the nearby 45  villages, where our 14 tribal (12 + 2) congregations are affected. After the 1986 (75.6ft)floods the river Godavari flooded and reached 71.5 ft. All river banks in 45  villages were flooded, submerged, and evacuated by the government. Since yesterday the flow is decreasing. From today transportation is allowed on the River Godavari bridge to reach Bhadrachalam and flooded villages. Seasonal diseases started affecting them now.

 We were able to contact our pastors as their communication was down due to no power supply.No loss of lives but all provisions, students' books & study material, and household things were drowned hence damaged and gone. We are prepared to organize medical camps under our Rural Health Clinics.

The church elders and the pastors are looking for help. We plan to provide 7 items (5kg Rice,1Kg Onion,1 ltr cooking oil, 1/4 kg Tamarind, 1/2 kg yellow gram, 200 grams Chilli powder, 1kg salt) of provisions that give them a little comfort and our oneness in Christ. Sufficient for a week to 10 days. Each provision packet cost us Rs: 650/- and we need about 700 packets in 14 congregations. Please remember them in your prayers.

The government also started a survey on loss. But may take some more weeks to materialize.

Yours in Christ


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28 July 2022

Dear all,

Greetings from the Christian Service Unit family!

Happy to share that we were able to comfort 100 families flood affected yesterday. While visiting we learned that our 2 Churches gave shelter to the nearby communities as the churches were built on high ground.  All the colonies were drowned in 4 to 6 ft flood waters. No work, no drinking water, no power supply, and no help initially for 4 days. Cattle also suffered the same way. We visited 3 areas where our ministry presence is. 

All tribal areas are stinking and layered with silt and sand. All the way it was raining. The road is slippery and skidding. We overcome the hurdle and distributed it to the flood affected. The families living in very temporary

built huts covered with plastic sheets on high grounds and roads 

and living in wet mud places.  Leaving behind their homes and their belongings. Very pathetic living conditions. 

We prayed and distributed provisions packets, which is sufficient for a week. The pack contains, 5 kg Rice, 1liter  of Cooking oil, 1kg Onians, 1kg Salt, 1/2 kg Yellow dal, 1/2 kg Tamarind,200 grams of Chilli Powder a Candle packet, a Match Box, and a Cotton bag. They are all very thankful.

Still, many families are looking for help. The first spell of 100 provisions packet distribution was done with the support of friends from the UK.

Thank you very much for your prayers and continued support and prayers.

Thank you once again.

Yours in Christ


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