Home Groups

There is a group meeting on Tuesday afternoons, one on Thursday mornings and two on Thursday evenings. There is also a group meeting on Wednesday mornings which is especially for mums accompanied by pre-school children. The evening Groups will generally be meeting once a fortnight, but the daytime Groups may meet more often.

The Groups meet for fellowship and for prayer, but primarily to seek God’s word through Bible study. The study sessions will be based upon the passage which will have been used by the preacher at the Sunday services at the beginning of the week, and so will give members the opportunity to study the implications of these scriptures on modern life in greater depth. I am sure that the Groups will also be organising social events in the true tradition of our church!

Tony Woode

01606 75030

They meet at

TUESDAY, 2.00pm No.28

THURSDAY, 10.30am No.28

THURSDAY, 7.00pm Byley

THURSDAY, 7.30pm 9 The Moorings

THURSDAY, 7.30pm 25 New King Street