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12 (Sunday) 4.00pm

Memorial and Bereavement Service

12 (Sunday) 6.30pm


18 (Saturday) 11am - 3pm

Heritage Trail

19 (Sunday)

Giving in Grace

Thanksgiving Sunday

19 (Sunday) 7.00pm

Rogation Service, Byley

Yatehouse Green Farm

28 (Tuesday) 7.30pm

Archdeacon’s Visitation Service


30 May - 19

Thy Kingdom Come

Prayer Initiative

4 (Tuesday)

MU Summer outing to Weaver Dairy House Farm, Winsford

8 (Saturday) 1.00pm

Byley Rose Fete

Byley Village Hall

14-16 (Fri-Sun)

FAB Festival

15 (Saturday) 5.00pm

Alison’s Priesting Service

Chester Cathedral


Heritage Trail 11am - 3pm

Every 3rd Saturday