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Shanthi High School

Shanti High School began, in 1985, when Christ for All rented one room and a balcony in a block of flats, where a volunteer teacher could teach nine street children, thus giving them an education, and a way out of permanent poverty.

The school rapidly grew until, today it has 300 children, covering Years 1-10, and sixteen staff. Thanks to the generous gifts of many people, Christ for All were able to build class rooms, purchase teaching aids, establish a science laboratory, a library and a computer lab.

Standards are high; in the 2015-16 Academic Year, 29 children from the school took their 10th Standard exams and 27 passed with distinction.

Over 10 years ago, a bus was purchased to bring in children from surrounding villages. One third of the pupils now come on the bus each day, with the bus making four rounds in the morning, and four in the evening, collecting children from 10 pickup points as far as 10km away, to ensure that they get to school safely.

This Bus is now becoming unreliable to run, and expensive to maintain, and it is time for it to be replaced.

In some instances, children are willing to come to school, but parents are unable to send them because they have no means of transport. If they cannot get to school, the parents take them as coolies or keep them at home to look after their cattle and other belongings.

Free transportation enables them to send their children (safely) to our school and we pave the way for a good career for the children. We look forward to share this financial burden and get our children free and safe ride to the school. Please pray for this need.

Cost of a New Bus:

Note: The exchange rate is, approximately, 100 Rupees to the £

1 Rupee is, roughly, 1 day’s wages for the parents of these children.

Shanthi High School is run by Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh
(Reg Charity No 326663)