Our charities

(Click here for the 21/06/20 update from Franklin at the Christian Service Unit Khammam)

(Click here for the 18/04/20 Corona Virus update from Franklin at the Christian Service Unit Khammam - India)


As a church we continue to support four charities. These are:

St Luke's Hospice (Winsford)

Save The Family (Chester)

ABC Link with Aru & Boga Dioceses (Congo)

Christian Service Unit (Andhra Pradesh)-See below

The PCC's agreed policy is that each quarter we focus on one specific charity. ln 2019 this was Ql. CSU, Q2 ABC Link, Q3 St Lukes, Q4 Save the Family.

There are three sources of finance for each charity:


We have previously supported this organisation through a UK charity; Christ for All in Andhra Pradesh. ln April 2019 the Christ for All charity ceased to operate. The CSU is the organisation in Andhra Pradesh which actually carries out the work. We have identified a cost effective way to support CSU directly and the PCC has agreed to continue supporting its work. It is now possible to make one-off payments to CSU online. Go to the CSU page http://www.give.net/csu_khammam (note csu_khammam) click on “Pay” and follow the instructions. The page is still being developed, but is operational, and can receive payments. If you would like to make regular payments to CSU, please ask Steve Broadfoot for details of how this may be done.